Marcos Curvello

Hey, I'm Marcos Curvello

an iOS developer based in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.


The "Meplis Messenger" app was written mainly in Objective-C and built at its core using XMPP. The processing of considerable amounts of data from various rest APIs required properly threaded interfaces. All incoming and outgoing data and databases were encrypted (AES-256) in order to meet HIPAA compliance. The main goal of the app is to enable patients and doctors to more efficiently communicate through a secure channel where they can exchange exams and other kinds of files.

Open-Source libraries

Get Well Cities

The "Get Well Cities" app was written entirely in Swift and at its core powered by an elasticsearch rest API. A multi-thread strategy was required to power many aspects of the app, an example is the geolocation based search for places, which processes the data and displays the information on a map simultaneously. The main goal of the app is to help people discover wellness places, websites, and events around them or in other cities so they can live a healthier life.

Open-Source libraries

Boa Vista Já

The "Boa Vista Já" app was entirely written in Swift and at its core is powered by a WordPress rest API. The main goal of the app is to keep its audience informed through a direct channel to the content of the Brazilian news website.

Open-Source libraries